News you can use, Coronavirus edition

This week I went to the hospital (doctor appointment), visited a former colleague at the international ESL school close to my house (new group of foreign nationals arrives each week), then went to a jazz club Friday night (new germs, close quarters). 

Today I’m sneezing. 

Normally this would not be blogworthy information, but under the circumstances I’m using it as a peg to report that our household is planning to fend off Coronavirus using the powdered Vitamin C we take to deal with colds and flu. 

I became a believer in the anti-viral properties of Vitamin C three years ago, when my doctor treated my case of shingles with intravenous C. 

If I had my druthers I would be mainlining C for the next several months. Failing that I’m using BulkSupplements’ C because I’m pretty sure that powder is easier to absorb than a hard tablet. I can’t prove that, but I did become deathly ill in Paris two summers ago when Ed packed capsules instead of powder. Plus you can put powdered C in a bottle of water and drink it all day, which Ed has been doing since news of COVID-19 broke. I need to start doing the same. 

My former colleague told me a story re Vitamin C. 

A couple of months ago the director asked her to teach another class on top of the 3-class load she was already carrying.

When she said “yes,” he said: “Start taking Vitamin C now.”

Postcript: So far I’m turning to Marc Lipsitch for Coronavirus info & updates: Will COVID-19 go away on its own in warmer weather?

Sober January, too

Forgot to mention: along with  my 7,000-step plan, I’m also doing “sober January.”

I decided on Sober January last Saturday night, in Lancaster, PA, where we’d gone to see my niece marry her wonderful new husband. After 6 hours of wedding festivities, I couldn’t sleep, and there it was, on my Wall Street Journal app: a British health fad I hadn’t heard of yet. Yippee.


OK, I see the actual concept isn’t sober January.

It’s dry January. 

After the weekend’s revelries, it’s going to be sober January for me. 

And see:
Happy New Year !
Sober January, too