Annals of euphemism

The [Teachers College Reading and Writing Project] has about 165 partner schools across the city, which may now be under pressure to reconsider the program.

“Lucy Calkins’s work, if you will, has not been as impactful as we had expected,” the schools chancellor, David C. Banks, said in March.

In the Fight Over How to Teach Reading, This Guru Makes a Major Retreat by Dana Goldstein  5/22/2022 

4 thoughts on “Annals of euphemism

  1. Where Balanced Literacy is concerned, if you will, Lucy Calkins’s work has been all too impactful.

    …Except that “impactful” is a word that no one ever should learn to read or write.


  2. I was hoping you guys would discuss this article! Very interesting, and, as usual, the comments are even better. One commenter wrote in that her school district looked like it had successfully implemented Lucy Calkins’ curriculum, because behind the scenes the parents all hired tutors to teach their kids to read! Sound familiar?


    1. Hi Beth!
      Yes, I think that happens frequently. Wealthy schools where parents can hire tutors look to outsiders like they’re doing a great job.
      In one of the articles I read about this today (forget where) it was also noted that parents may have become more aware of how asinine reading instruction (e.g. “three cueing”) was when all those zoom classes gave them a closer look at what teachers were up to.


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