J.B. Handley and the ever-changing cure for autism

In promoting his FC miracle cure book, J.B. Handley has been making the rounds, appearing most recently on JennyMcCarthyTV.

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I did watch enough to see some interesting contrasts between this and an interview done 11 years ago on a slightly more august venue: PBS’ Frontline.

At the risk of once again being accused of being Handley’s ex-girl friend, I thought I’d share the two most striking contrasts: (1) Handley on the nature of autism, and (2) Handley on the timing and cause of his son’s linguistic breakthroughs.

On McCarthyTV in 2021, of course, autism is a motor disorder.

But on PBS Frontline in 2010, “what we chosen to call autism are a manifestation of misalignments within the body, and those misalignments can be everything from a gut that’s been turned upside down, being the gut floor is not functioning properly, to foods that are coming into the system that aren’t well tolerated to viruses, bacteria and heavy metals that are overloading the system and preventing it from working properly.”

On McCarthyTV in 2021, the cause of Handley’s son’s linguistic breakthroughs, of course, is that variant of FC known as S2C. Before S2C, Jamie was, purportedly, essentially non-verbal and still in special education classes.

But on PBS Frontline in 2010, it was reducing the “toxic load” in Handley’s son’s body that, over a decade before Handley knew about S2C, caused the linguistic breakthrough: “Jamie is… recovering dramatically, getting all his words back, going to a normal school.”

Any guesses on what Handley will be telling us by the time his next best-seller comes out in 2032?

For those who are trying to catch up to Handley’s current take, I here’s a quick glossary:

“Fine motor” means everything except pointing to letters on a held-up keyboard.

“Simple test” means anything other than a straightforward message-passing test.

“Haters” refers to anyone who thinks that the facilitator is directing the messages.

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