A stewardess’s folk remedy

A few years ago, one of my sisters talked to a stewardess about viruses on planes. 

The stewardess said she and her colleagues fended off viral infections by using a cue tip Q-TIP (thank you, gasstationwithoutpumps!) to apply Ayr Saline Nasal Gel with Soothing Aloe to their nasal passages. My sister has been using that advice for flights ever since.

Our urgent care center told Ed that saline gels help prevent nose bleeds. I have no idea whether it also creates a barrier to viruses–or, if it does, whether it does so for COVID 19 specifically.

But I’m passing it along.

4 thoughts on “A stewardess’s folk remedy

  1. Passing along folk remedies generally does more harm than good, as most such “remedies” are completely worthless.

    Incidentally, a “cue tip” is something you find at a pool table. I think you meant a Q-TIP®, which is generically a “cotton swab”.

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  2. I found that moving to a humid subtropical climate on the Gulf Coast cured my nosebleeds, which I had frequently as a child growing up in a drier part of the country. One time my nose just started bleeding on its own while I was taking a quiz in high school. Another time I was running and it started bleeding. My freshman year of college, it bled without stopping for a half hour so I took myself to the ER (urgent care didn’t exist back then), where they stopped the bleeding and cauterized the inside of my nose.

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    1. that’s interesting!

      I used to have nosebleeds all the time in high school…somehow they later went away

      Ed started getting them a lot, and they were solved by putting a humidifier in the bedroom


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