Cell phones? Did someone say cell phones?

I was planning to write my final post about collecting cell phones in the classroom when coronavirus hit.

Now, mulling the possibility that I may not be in the classroom at all come fall, when the second COVID wave is apparently scheduled to commence, I’m having trouble remembering the urgency I felt on this front before everything changed. Those days when cell-phone saturation was so bad I thought of leaving my job: those were the good days.

It’s not always easy to recognize a good day before it’s gone. 

The one good coronavirus day I’ve had–meaning: a day I knew was a good day while it was happening–was March 14, the first Saturday after NYU sent everyone home. I woke up that morning feeling joy that I was alive and well. 


It was amazing. 

Didn’t last too long, sad to say. By that night Ed was getting sick, and that was frankly terrifying, given the amount of time he’d spent on the subway and Metro North. The situation became even more terrifying when he stayed sick for the next eight days.

C. got sick, too, the next day or maybe it was the next weekend–it’s all a blur and we’re only two weeks into this. There was a period of 12 hours when C. was both sick and not rousable by phone… 

That’s the thing.

We have a global pandemic, which is bad.

Then we have quarantine, also bad.

But on top of that we have colds and flus (and allergies), which are a whole other order of bad now that a cold or flu could be the beginning of the end. Not to complain, but it’s a lot! I wasn’t reckoning on cold-and-flu terror.

Ed and C. have both have recovered, and neither seems to have had coronavirus, judging from the symptom lists we read. 

Which gives me some mental space to think about cell phones in the classroom pretty soon here. 

3 thoughts on “Cell phones? Did someone say cell phones?

  1. In my area, we have already had our first 90-degree day, and the trees have been releasing yellow pollen for weeks, so EVERYONE is coughing and has the corona-characteristic red eyes.


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