Coronawinter, part 2

More notes from Joe Rogan’s interview with Michael Osterholm:


  • Primary mechanism for transmission of coronavirus is “just breathing” [ed.: Scott Gottlieb says the virus is “sticky” – sticks to surfaces more than previously thought]
  • Trying to stop influenza virus transmission is “like trying to stop the wind”
  • People are highly contagious before they develop a cough
  • We’re not going to have a vaccine any time soon
  • Kids are like “little virus reactors”
  • Christmas break has a “dampening effect” on flu transmission
  • Infectious Hepatitis A outbreaks in daycare: kids test positive but aren’t sick; parents and day care workers test positive and are sick


8:03 the primary mechanism for transmission is breathing
8:14 German study from last 24 hours – followed a group of people who had been exposed
8:25 nine people who were exposed & came in the minute they had symptoms – in the very first hours of feeling bad – they went in – when they first got sick they had incredibly high levels of virus 10,000 times what we saw with SARS – in their throats – they were infectious at that point already – they weren’t coughing yet – hadn’t had symptoms of any nature
9:03 trying to stop influenza virus transmission is like trying to stop the wind – we’ve never had anything successfully do that other than vaccine
9:12 people in public spaces are getting sick – if you’re older than 55 or have underlying conditions, like obesity
9:30 we’re not going to have a vaccine any time soon, that’s happy talk
9:44 closing schools – kids are like little virus reactors – give it to parents & brothers & sisters
10:01 Christmas break are always great for putting a dampening effect on flu
10:05 in this case kids are not getting sick
10:10 China: 2.1% of cases were under 19 years of age
10:19 they’re getting infected, they’re not getting sick
10:27 infectious Hepatitis A – outbreaks in daycare – the way we know we have an outbreak is mom, dad, & daycare workers all get sick – but kids aren’t – but they test positive – so some diseases will manifest in adults but not in children
10:57 38% of nurses have kids in school
11:08 1/4 of American population has no sick leave
11:37 if I’m sitting in a room with a hundred people and we’re kind of sharing air the transmission is remarkable right there
11:43 you off the coast of California you’ve got your cruise ship cruise ships are notorious for recirculating air inside the inner cabins we’ve had a number of outbreaks that’s why they’re having these outbreaks on cruise ships and then you leave them on there I think the cruelest human experiment we’ve done in a long time yeah just leave them on these ships get them off right away ….
12:07 you’re guaranteed they’re all going to keep getting infected day after day it [ed.: infection rate seems to have been 17%]

And see
Coronawinter: Michael Osterholm on Joe Rogan Experience

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