Fluent in short sentences first?

After 389 days of Duolingo (and counting) and 11 months of Lingvist (I finished the app last Thursday, doing Lingivst Spanish now), I think I’ve become fluent in reading short declarative sentences in French nonfiction. 

I’d be fluent reading short sentences in fiction, too, if fiction didn’t use much broader vocabulary (true of fiction in English, too). 

I say “fluent” because when French newspapers tweet headlines and “decks,” I read and comprehend them as quickly as I read and comprehend a headline-and-deck combination in English. I’m slower (obviously) if the summary includes a word I’ve never seen, but even then I’m not bad at guessing from context, and doing so quickly to boot. 

This took me by surprise. 

I’m not sure whether the trouble I have reading long sentences in French stems from the syntax or the vocabulary or both. However, I can certainly see where all the readability measures based on sentence length came from.

I wonder where I am in terms of listening fluency for short direct sentences. Probably time for me to start doing a daily sessions with News in Slow French.

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