4 thoughts on “Andrew writes a sentence

  1. This is awesome! It’s very specific, but also just vague enough to be a conversation starter. You could follow this with questions about what he needs the ink for, and why it has to be black.

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    1. I’m curious about the position of the adjective …. does he think “black” should come after “ink,” or is that the way it reads on the website?

      He was having a lot of trouble, in our current GrammarTrainer lesson, putting an adjective in front of a noun … but he’s mostly getting it now, and he’s done it fluently in previous lessons.

      So he may be copying the order he’s seen (which is what you have to do when you’re trying to figure out a ‘foreign’ language).


      1. Maybe he’s translating from Spanish or any other language that uses noun-adjective order. “Necesito algo de tinta negra, papi.” Or, more likely, he’s been looking at catalogs or shopping online, and is just leaving out the commas. “Ink, black, 24 count.” Next question is, is he really asking you for ink, or is he just practicing his sentences?

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  2. He’s doing exactly that — he’s ‘echoing’ the “Ink, black” sequence. He’s asking for ink because he is OBSESSED with printing stuff out. OBSESSED. I’m going to take a photo of his print stash and post. It’s wild.


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