Progress report

re: 7,000 steps and dry January

Number one: 7,000 steps is a huge number of steps when it’s 30 degrees out. 

Why is that?

Also, why is it no trouble at all racking up mileage anywhere except your house?

Take the train into the city, and you score 9,000 steps just walking outside Grand Central. 

But walk around your ranch house in Tarrytown, and you have to keep moving a good 12 hours to hit 7K, the equivalent of 1 hour walking in midtown. I think Fitbit must be padding the numbers for urban dwellers and un-padding them for folks here in the suburbs. Because they can. 

Anyway, back in December I had a vision of myself rising each morning and appearing in my new town’s new gym, a very nice one, bright and sunny and right next to the Hudson River. I was looking forward to it. 

But here it is January 12, and I see that the missing piece in that vision, getting into my freezing-cold car and driving to the nice new gym beside the river, is a bigger obstacle than I thought. 

I need a transporter pad.

Number two: being stone cold sober and wide awake at 11pm on a Friday night is a novel sensation.

It’s kind of fun, but it poses a whole new challenge to self-control, which is forcing myself to go to bed instead of racking up another XP or 2 or 3 on Duolingo, or teaching myself to code. 

And see:
Happy New Year !
Sober January, too
Progress Report

5 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. 7000 steps is about 4 miles, or over an hour of walking. Most urban dwellers using public transportation walk about 1/4 mile at each end, which only makes an quarter of the total from commuting round trip—something, but not enough to make a suburban/urban distinction.

    I don’t know how far away your gym is, but if it is within 2 miles, you could walk there and back to get your steps in.


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