…And one more

Here’s one more example of facilitation via held-up alphabet board.

What’s special–for our purposes–about this video is that it gives us a view from behind. Unlike in the other videos of this genre of facilitated communication, we can see here exactly how the child’s finger moves around with respect to the letters:

In this scene, which is at times painful to watch, we hear clear discrepancies between the letters the facilitator calls out and the letters that the child actually taps on or hovers over. The facilitator ignores a number of apparent letter choices and misrepresents others. Might the facilitator’s goal, however subconscious, be to fit all this to a message that she’s planned out ahead of time?

One might ask a similar question about the other videos. To what extent do the various messages appear to be spontaneous vs. pre-planned, and, if the latter, who, or what, is doing the planning?

2 thoughts on “…And one more

  1. If you think about what the child is allegedly doing, it’s actually really difficult. I doubt that I could spell a complex sentence one letter at a time, by laboriously pointing at the letters, and still remember what I was trying to say. And to do all that without a single spelling error?


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