Delayed by Jury Duty

I had intended to post the next installment in my series on autism, neurodiversity, and language learning this past week, but I suddenly found myself otherwise occupied.

In short, while the rest of the country was riveted to the he-said she-said testimony on Capitol Hill, I was assessing much more disturbing he-said she-said testimony here in Philadelphia as a juror in state court.


As I just wrote to a friend, the silver lining was the deliberation process, which partially revived my faith in humanity. The capacity for thoughtful, meaningful dialogue among randomly assembled strangers with different backgrounds, and the capacity for thoughtful consideration of competing sides to a story, have not completely vanished.

These capacities, by the way, are desperately needed not just in assessing he-said she-said situations and in discussing hot-button political issues, but also within the world of autism—something I’ll eventually get to.