Happy 4th !

I can’t believe I’m missing the 4th of July (worse yet, I’m missing the 4th in Tarrytown, which has a fantastic celebration) — and I’m going to be missing Bastille Day here in France, too, because we fly home that day.

I have no idea what Bastille Day is like here, and now I’m not going to find out. 


Oh, well, c’est la vie !

(Progress report: I’m on the cusp of knowing why it’s C’est la vie, not Il est la vie.)

Happy 4th !

One thought on “Happy 4th !

  1. C’est, by the way, and in case anyone is wondering, is the contraction of “ce + est

    Which explains why “ce sont” can be applied to plurals, as in “Ce sont les emplois que nous devons protéger et dont nous devons assurer l’avenir.” (Linguee)

    C’est le chat.

    Ce sont les chats.

    Finding that out took a big load off my mind …..


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