I think we need a raccoon mascot

I have to post my story about the raccoon we four kids made acquaintance with back on the farm.

Speaking of mascots, there are probably no sports teams with raccoon mascots, right?



Apparently there’s a move afoot to change the UCSB mascot to a raccoon.

Doesn’t seem like it’s getting much traction.

4 thoughts on “I think we need a raccoon mascot

  1. Apparently there is a community college in Oregon with a raccoon mascot:

    And the UW Badger was a Raccoon for a short time:

    And in non-college sports…

    A high school in a Dallas suburb lengthened its mascot to raccoon:

    The Tennessee Titans’ mascot T-Rac is a raccoon:

    Bristol (TN) Motor Speedway has raccoon mascots “Bump” and “Run”:

    (The raccoon is the state mammal of Tennessee.)

    And in the total oddness of the non-sports world…

    The Fourth World Parkinson Congress inexplicably had a raccoon for its mascot a few years ago:

    Safety Scout is the raccoon mascot of the IU School of Medicine at IUPUI:

    Both Milwaukee and Pittsburgh had “Recycle Raccoon” mascots:

    The 104th Ohio Regiment had a tamed raccoon for a mascot in the Civil War:

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