World’s worst-spelled language

Have just come across this observation re: the “particularities” of the English Language:

A particular feature of the English language is its spelling system, which is notoriously difficult to master for nonnative speakers. Whilst in many languages, there is a consistent set of rules that map spoken sounds to written forms, this is not the case in English. Nearly every sound can be spelt in more than one way, and conversely, most letters can be pronounced in multiple ways. Consequently, English has been described as “the world’s worst spelled language.”

The English Language in the Digital Age

Apparently the “worst spelled language” crack comes from a book called “Let’s Reform Spelling – Why and How” that’s so completely out of print even Google hasn’t heard of it.


Reforming English spelling doesn’t seem like a half bad idea to me.

5 thoughts on “World’s worst-spelled language

  1. Then again, I have no interest in switching the country to the metric system, so it’s a safe bet I wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to spell “already” “alredy,” either.


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