‘r’ is the hardest letter to pronounce?

Haven’t watched this yet, but 6 seconds in, Damon, of Damon and Jo, says “r” is the hardest letter to pronounce in any language.

Is that true?

I kinda hope so, seeing as how both the Spanish ‘r’ and the French ‘r’ have been the bane  of my many years of non-fluency in both languages.

The other morning, coming off a Duolingo Spanish session, I rolled my r perfectly twiceIt just happened. A perfect Spanish r, perfectly rolled.

Then I couldn’t do it again.

2 thoughts on “‘r’ is the hardest letter to pronounce?

  1. I have sort of given up on trying to pronounce languages. My hearing is not very good, and I have trouble enough trying to distinguish vowels even in spoken English.

    When I was a teen, after a few years of French, I spent a summer in France and … well, they were mostly tolerant. Though most of the time, I would speak in French, and they would respond in English.


  2. … which is maybe why I love learning Latin. There’s the whole ecclesiastical vs. classical debate, but I can mostly ignore that and just read about Caesar slaughtering Gauls.

    Though I’ve recently started Duolingo, and because I’m an idiot, I’m trying to refresh my high school French at the same time I’m trying to learn Italian at the same time.

    The mishmosh of 30 year old French, 3 year old Latin, and brand new Italian makes for a bit of a context-switch nightmare, but it’s also sort of a fun challenge.


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