ACT results: 82nd percentile to 96th

Timed practice test
6/9/2017 ACT  9/8/2017 ACT
 English  27 – 85th %  34 – 98th %  35 – 99th %
 Reading  23 – 66th %  30 – 88th %  31 – 91st %
 Comp. 1  26 (est.) – 82nd %  29 – 92nd %  31 – 96th %

National Distributions of Cumulative Percents for ACT Test Scores ACT-Tested High School Graduates from 2015, 2016 and 2017

1. The composite score includes all four sections of the ACT: English, reading, math, science. 

11 thoughts on “ACT results: 82nd percentile to 96th

    1. btw, this student is a ‘science kid’ — that’s what she’s interested in. She had **some** science tutoring before the June test, no tutoring in science at all between the June and the September tests.


    2. Over the summer, she and I did a *fair* amount of math together, but I was way, way behind the curve; I’ve never done matrices (and certainly not on a calculator); plus my completely self-taught trig just wasn’t up to the task.

      The fact that we scrounged those two points is …. good!


    3. Here’s the other thing I found interesting (was planning to write a post about it)….she and I did essentially no English or Reading between June and September.

      We did **some** … but our sessions on that were few and far between. Basically, I reminded her what independent and dependent clauses were at summer’s end.

      And she still saw a score increase on both verbal tests.

      I think that might be an example of “generative” learning, which the precision teaching people talk about: once you learn a certain amount, you start learning more things without explicit instruction.

      On the ACT, a 1-point score gain is meaningful; she got better at both tests over the summer without instruction and without practice, even.


    4. Last but not least, she is a super-smart girl. If she’d had the kind of math/science tutoring she had for reading/language, she would have scored in the 30s on both of those sections, too.


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