Perfect handwriting, perfect score

An SAT tutor tells me that three of her students have had perfect scores on the SAT essay.

All three were L2 students (English as a second language), and all three had perfect handwriting.

Perfect. Handwriting.

That’s the key. Or a key.

(And great tutoring, in this case.)

My thought: every student who will be taking the SAT should buy a copy of Write Now: The Complete Program For Better Handwriting and start practicing.

The before-and-after samples of physician handwriting are a stitch.

(I marched C. through half the book when he was in 5th grade, I think it was. I should have  marched him through the whole thing, but I didn’t have the strength, what with the daily math re-teaching and MegaWords. My own handwriting improved tremendously, however.)

4 thoughts on “Perfect handwriting, perfect score

  1. One of the many advantages of the days when secondary schools had shop classes was that among those sort of practical, skill-based classes was drafting. And a part of drafting was learning to letter precisely and carefully.

    Of course, those were also the days of explicit and meticulous handwriting lessons in grade school.

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    1. My brother was always a math wiz in school, but one high school teacher gave him B’s–the horror! It was entirely due to neatness. He straightened up quickly, aced the class and went on to major in math in college.

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  2. My niece just took it (scores aren’t back yet) and she had to seriously think about her handwriting before the test. Over the years her writing has become smaller and smaller, to the point now where it is almost completely unreadable to anyone but her. Even her capital letters are often less than an 1/8th of an inch high. Every teacher complains about it, and I tell her, if I were her teacher I wouldn’t accept it at all. Hopefully, she wrote properly on the test.

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